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Deer Valley Lavender Farm

Foot Care Kit

Foot Care Kit

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Lavender foot care kit is a treat for yourself or makes a great gift for anyone wanting to have silky, smooth feet!   It can also be used for other dry areas of the body such as hands, elbows and knees. 

Included is the Repairing Balm - made with all natural ingredients:  lavender, tea tree and orange essential oils made with Sweet Almond oil.  These oils are refreshing, antibacterial, anti microbial, calming and soothing for your driest body parts. 

Also included is the Ultimate Pumi Bar - this is a two in one, anti-bacterial pumice bar great for exfoliating the feet and other callus areas of the body.  Purple side is for extra coarse exfoliation and the lavender side is medium exfoliation for smoothing the skin.  Great to keep in the shower to use when feeling dry and callused. 

Directions of Use:
Start by exfoliating your feet with the Ultimate Pumi Bar.  Apply soap and warm water on callus feet, elbows, knees or even hands. Use the dark purple side to remove calluses.  Follow with lavender side to smooth skin to a soft, silky finish.  Rinse thoroughly and also rinse the bar after each use with hot water and store in a dry area.  

Final step after drying the area.  Apply quarter size amount of the Repairing Balm onto hands and massage until melted.  Then apply and massage onto feet, hands, knees, or elbows.  Use caution not to slip on those smooth feet!  Allow 5-10 minutes to soak into skin or wear socks, house slippers to keep you from slipping.  Enjoy those beautiful, soft feet!  


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Care Instructions

Keep in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Seal package to keep fresh longer.

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